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Sydney has been a really excellent chance to realise exactly how much stuff you DON’T need when travelling.  I now have approximately half the weight of stuff that I had when departing Perth.  I think this is good 🙂  I can now lift my pack without my back snapping. Note to self:  don’t pack for winter when you’re travelling in summer for two weeks.

It hasn’t been my usual Sydney adventures of looking at the Opera House, but these four days have been the best way to begin this year away.  Travelling with mum was great, exploring Sydney Uni has been awesome, eating at Max Brenner has been delicious and feeling properly prepared for the minimalistic life at college has been refreshing. Phone calls from home are also awesome 🙂

So now is time to stop procrastinating and fix the disaster that is my packing into a lift-able pile of my crap, then head out to more Max Brenner (coconut hot chocolate is like drinking a Bounty!!) ready for a verrrrrrrrrrrrry long plane trip tomorrow.  And then – celebrities!!!