Because my knees hurt too much to walk the seven minutes back to my hostel from this cosy Starbucks, and also because it’s raining and cold outside, I’m going to do a quick summary of Boston that is completely out of order and random to justify staying here for far too long on free wifi from my $1.60 coffee:

* Boston likes to rain a lot
* Just to be clear, a LOT. I have also refused to buy a poncho or an umbrella, so I’ve been drenched a lot.  This is okay.
*  Boston has HISTORY like you would not believe.  Go to this city and soak it up.
*  A man wrote my name on a piece of rice for me. I’m not really sure how to feel about this, but I kept the rice and he said he trained for six months to learn how to do it (that’s definitely a really smart use of six months of your life too, so if you’re looking for something fulfilling to do,  this is absolutely your best choice)
*  I went to Salem, MA and it was a little like being back in Petoskey which made me very happy 🙂  I do like small American towns.  Also, the only thing Salem really has going for it is the whole witches thing, which happened in 1692…poor little town.  300 years of milking its witch history must get kind of old.
*  Touring Fenway Stadium was super cool. Unfortunately the weather was too gross for me to bother braving it to see a Red Sox game, so at least I saw the inside of the stadium. I also saw Mickey Mouse, and the Green Monster, the funniest overreaction ever, but also entertaining from a torts law perspective.
*  Harvard is pretty frickin awesome.  I have a Harvard jumper. I pretend I was Elle Woods. I also pretend I was the eight thousand other famous people that’ve gone to this school.  Like The Social Network people. Our tour guide was really impressed we knew the three lies about the statue of John Harvard, but I think he needs to watch more movies.
*  MIT was also very fancy, in a more modern kind of way. It was impressive to think about how many amazing inventions were thought of here.
*  I’ve seen a lot of graves

This is a longer summary than I expected. Oh well.

* I read To Kill A Mockingbird. I’ll reflect on this later, but it was excellent. I wish I’d not been lame and read it earlier.

Okay I’m bored now, and I’m going to go to my hostel.  But tomorrow is a day for travelling to NYC/Jersey to see my favourite Alison Blitzer!!!!!!! This is great news.



Typing this from my hostel bed in Boston. Unfortunately it looks like I’m lying in a cot as they don’t have proper barriers for the top bunks, and have put up like a material type one. I’m somewhat ashamed by this. Here is a photo of my cot.

[JK!!!!!! Once again the internet is so bad that I can’t upload photos. So there are lots of white spaces, can’t be bothered deleting. Please use your imagination]

Anyway, so far Boston is a bit strange, it is incredibly wet and cold, but I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow; I met an Austrian girl in my room and we’re going to walk the Freedom Trail together. Hello history! I’m hoping that’ll take us most of the day. Anyway, instead of talking about my plans for Boston, here is a rundown of Chi town.

Day One: Arrive on Megabus.  Get drowned in rain with backpack and shorts.  Taxi with  my new bff who I have named Assam, who showed me where they filmed some scene from Batman. Then dried off in hostel.  Walked in rain to see closed-ish zoo (although I did see an otter…they’re not that attractive.) Walked in more rain to the History Museum. Chicago has a lot of history!  Here are some cool facts I wrote down (cos I’m cool):

[Photo missing. Babow.]

At the hostel there was free bbq, and I met about fifteen million (actually, five) Australians. Then I met some roadtrippers from Jersay. That is an intentional typo. Then we all played flipcup, and competitively competed in foosball. I would like to say I contributed in defence, and was responsible for about 9% of the skill that led Chris and I to play in a tightly fought semi final game (that we lost cos I suck).  I don’t know, other stuff happened, it was fun, we were all social, yay hostels, boo Chicago weather blah blah blah. Oh also, Jess and I ate a deep dish delicious pizza. Even if I had wanted to upload a picture here, we didn’t take one, so oh well.

Day Two:  Jess (from Sydney) and I were slightly delayed and finally embarked on our day at the Field Museum to see dinosaurs. The weather also delayed us, and this is what we looked like:

In that picture, I had a brain freeze from how cold the wind was. So sad.

But the dinosaurs were deffo cool!

[Rawr dinosaurs rawr]

Then we considered the Art Institute, popped by and said hi to the lions, and realised we’d rather hit the Magnificent Mile. I bought a dress I’ve been eyeing off for a while which was finally on sale, and Jess bought fabbo Levi’s.  Then we ate so much Cheesecake Factory that we probably will take a while to fit into those newly purchased clothes. I have two side notes for here. Side note one: Jess is good quality, and I’m super glad we braved the awful weather and hung out. Side note two: I have been to three Cheesecake Factories now: Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Chicago. There is one just near my hostel in Boston. Going to make it four Cheesecake Factories.  Delish.  Ryan visited the hostel, we were all food comad out, played some cards, some dominos, Rachel and I are going to go see Glee Live! in June so I hope you’re jelly, and then called it a night. Hahahhaa. Jokes.

Today was just me being jelly Chicago cranked out some sun when I was leaving; I made plans to visit the fab Alison in Jersey on Friday, I spent an extra hour on the plane (thanks Massachusetts and your PMSy weather) with my new friendo Eric, and then trekked in the rain again in my backpack. Ironically, even though I clearly had no idea where I was, three people stopped me to ask the way to Fenway Park. I was useless in helping.

And that’s the end. (: My pillows are comfy.

So I’m finally on the (mega)bus to Chitown after almost a full two, and fabulous weeks in Ann Arbor.  I stayed with a house of boys, and got my domestic on a little which is a great feat for me, and I think one of my ultimate accomplishments. Kind of. Yesterday included the creation of Guinness cupcakes…I recommend them highly.  Ann Arbor in spring is beautiful, and I wish I’d gotten my act together and taken some photos of the amazing greenery and tulips everywhere!  I baked cookies, made curry, we went to the park and the Arb, played a lot of beer pong, witnessed some fruit in the street, and read a lot.  Also went on a fabulous shopping trip with Rachy and Rachel.  Express, I am seriously going to miss you.

As a side comment, the girl opposite me on the bus is snoring in time with the rain. This is an impressive effort.

In other news, I saw Something Borrowed with the Rachels, which is just a ridiculous movie.  There are some things that are just not okay to do.  But since I absolutely adore this man (aside from his name)…

[the internet is shit on this bus so pretend I posted a picture of Colin Egglesfield here and go google him if you want to see a man of perfection]

And this actress (can I look like you, please?)

[ditto above, oh hellooooo Ginnifer Goodwin, how I loved you in Mona Lisa Smile]

And the idea of being a lawyer in NYC, and walking through Central Park on the way home and all that, I forgive it.

ALSO, if you know me, you know I absolutely hate scary movies and in fact refuse to see them because I get too scared in the ads. But thanks to Clark I’ve now seen Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2.   It’s a great thing we watched it in the very dark, and their house isn’t at all creaky and you can hardly hear a sound at night.  What a great two nights of no sleep.  But on the other hand, they were actually really good movies, especially the second one.

So the plan for today is to arrive in Chicago, not be totally drowned while I get to my hostel with my super trendy backpack, go to the (free) zoo, the history museum, then probably dry off, and do some more reading. So far I’ve read 1984, I’m reading To Kill A Mockingbird, and to make sure Superman stays happy with me, I’ll be reading A Brief(er) History of Time. Yay science! I’ve missed reading.

Due to an unexpected series of events (i.e. my knee still being a whingy bitch) I’m still in Ann Arbor, resting up and enjoying doing nothing.  Yesterday I read Something Borrowed in preparation for the movie, ate icecream, sat in the sun, washed my hair twice, and cleaned the boys’ kitchen which is a significantly bigger deal than it sounds considering a) I’m not much of a cleaner and b) this kitchen wasn’t the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

I have a flight booked to Boston soon, and will soon be exploring the east coast so keep an eye out for that!

Saying goodbye has been awful, although we had a great final few nights celebrating Ann Arbor life at the Brown Jug, Friend Karaoke (like, sooooo legit), bdubs and so forth…I’m so sad this year is nearly over.

Also, fun aside, saw Water for Elephants the other night with some great Kapi ones.  This movie is SO much better than the book! Definitely go see it. Incredible.

I’m off to make some Laura Handasyde cookies. I’m bringing them to the USA laurs, don’t you worry! x

I can’t believe it’s the last week in Ann Arbor. I started to clean out my room yesterday and it was just awful!  This place has really become home to me, and I’m so sad to have to leave, and to know how hard it is to come back.  I’ve met some of my favourite people in the world and it makes me so sad to have to say goodbye to them.

We had our final performance by the Detroit high schools yesterday, which went both great and kind of terribly.  I’m handing in my last paper today.  Last shift at work today and tomorrow. Saying goodbye to some favourites.  Really needing to make some travel plans asap, but making that final goodbye is just a little bit too hard!

It’s finals time in Ann Arbor, and so the entirety of campus can be found in the Ugli/one of the other libraries, doing a semester’s worth of learning in one or two days. I think this is an international finals week experience, but just wanted to give you all some context. There has been an announcement that there is a therapy dog on the first floor of the libes to relieve study stress.  I don’t know about you, but this is pretty frickin weird and bizarre and I just wanted to share.

Back to cramming. xo

Just recently I found out about another awesome thing about Ann Arbor – you can go on a hunt for fairy doors!!!

Jolly (defs on the list of my favourite Americans) and I have decided to do an Ann Arbor scavenger hunt, and this is now definitely an item on the list. I love procrastinating for my four fifteen page papers and exam.

Today I learnt that leaving a ten page paper until two hours before it is due isn’t a good idea.  I think I’ve learnt this previously, but the lesson needed to be learnt twice. It’s not a big deal.

Today I also learnt time is going too fast! How is it April already, and I return to Australia on the 4th of July? So soon! I literally feel like I only got to my new all time favourite town in the world a few days ago.

Today I also learnt that I can walk like a real person again after the formal fiasco. Ooh I like that. Formal fiasco. My limp is minimal and hardly as embarrassing.

Today I learnt that it is however embarrassing to wear your Hannah Montana pants outside when you go to hand in your very-late paper. Don’t do that.

Finally, because I’m bored of this, today I learnt that napping is just the best way to spend your time on the planet.

Now I’m going to write about something else.  Yesterday was our big performance with Southeastern High School for all the plays we’d been working.  Jess and I had the slight hiccup on Tuesday of our two main characters of our proper play being suspended, so basically we didn’t have a play to perform on Thursday because no one wanted to take over those roles. It was really heartbreaking actually because those kids really grew and crafted the roles over the semester, going from being fairly obnoxious and difficult to really making the play something interesting. We had two kids come and fill in, and basically taught them a 25 minute play in the space of ten minutes.  Then at our performance yesterday, all kinds of stuff went wrong – there was a kid opening and closing curtains that just confused everyone, the seniors got embarrassed, the teacher literally screamed the entire time, they didn’t know how to talk louder than like a mini whisper and the ‘audience’ came and left as they pleased.  But despite all that, I spent the play backstage, and their energy was incredible – the sophomores were so excited and focussed and practicing lines and even though it wasn’t what we expected or had worked on, I was really super proud of them. In particular, one girl Tabitha throughout our practices had serious issues with not giggling while confronting her lying scumbag baby daddy about paying child support which unfortunately would ruin the serious mood a little. But her performance yesterday was outstanding, and she said she’d practiced a LOT.  Either way, I hope it all happens for the U of M performance on the 27th.

It is Kapi initiation for the pledges tomorrow, I can’t believe it’s been an entire semester since I did the same thing.  Time, stop it.

I’m ex post facto updating my Michigan bucket list to include the U of M Hospital ER room, since now I’ve done it, and it was an experience to remember.

I was overly excited for the KAPi formal on Friday night, and it was awesome. It got slightly less awesome when all the spilled drinks started to add up to a massive pool of danger and when I was hungry for midnight pizza, slipped and had (another) knee issue.

Anyway, after some help from some amazing kapifamily, I ended up at the Ann Arbor ER, in my formal dress, no shoes, my mock elections sash (classy) and makeup all over my face. I think that got me a little sympathy.  Not going to lie, it was a little like Greys Anatomy. I’ve been to a few ERs in my day (god I’m a walking disaster), but never an American one. It was overly full so I got to hang in the hallway on a bed, I heard them saying they were drilling a guy’s leg a couple of metres away and the security orderly guy who helped me into a wheelchair was the coolest black person I’ve ever met and I swear he was wearing a hunting hat.  It was fun.

There were too many questions about insurance for me to really handle at once.  But I have a supercool knee brace and awesome crutches I get to keep (oh joy) (also, observation: crutches are so much more fun when you don’t actually have to use them) and lots of pain meds and amazing help later, I’m pretty sure I’ll be alive.

what a great formal.

A real American formal experience:

*  Pretty dresses

*  Pregaming with great ones

* Long and fabulous bus ride with awesome music

* Many photos


* Adorable seniors video with lovely messages


* First and only mock election victory!! (most likely to be in a public scandal…)

* Midnight pizza……or not

*  Hurt knee

* Paramedics

* Hospital

* Crutches

Yay formal 🙂