I’ve become an old lady since returning to Perth.  Apparently turning 21 means the demise of my liver’s ability to take good care of me, so in accordance with this new life lesson, I’ve embraced my pyjamas, my dog and cups of tea.  Not complaining.

Working in the law firm has been pretty alright – I’ve never been totally decided on my future career in being a legal eagle, and to no fault of the firm’s own, I’ve definitely realised it’s not for me.  But I’m definitely glad it is for some people.  I’m raaaather grateful to make this definitive decision today, but after several days of discovery, I’m really seeing all the parts of law I’m just not sold on.

But I’ve enrolled in seven classes for this semester (yup, seven, don’t worry about it, it’s only 42 credit points, it’s nothiiiiing) and I’m feeling like my life is on schedule to become about as ridic but exciting as it can possibly be for a (hopefully sooner rather than later) future move to my second home country, the USA!   I do love living in Australia, and being back for (only) three weeks so far has reminded me of all the great things it has going for it… but trying to shop online for anything is a real effing bitch, and I can’t access Pandora, and to be honest, I’m done with it.  Just kidding, they’re not the actual reasons.  But really – change is exciting!

Unfortunately it’s ‘winter’ in Perth, so it’s averaging about 56 during the day, so I’m barely wearing a jacket – it’s real handy, I don’t need to purchase any winter clothes since my fall clothes from AA keep me sweating during the day.  But it also means I don’t have any beautiful Australia pictures to share with any of my darling Americans who are still checking in here… but not to worry, I’m on it.  I became cool and signed up for an iPhone 4 since getting back to Perth, and I have a whole pile of photos of what it’s like living in Australia to share with you.  Confession, so far they’re of the most perfect puppy in the world, Barlow (not to be confused with the most perfect AFL player in the world Barlow), but I’m working on the ‘Australia’ life part of it.  I’ve been living up to my roots though, and only eating Vegemite toast for breakfast and to be honest, the Australian accent is still surprisingly foreign to me.

America I miss you heaps and heaps, but I have a 12km to be training for and a job at a law firm to be dressing professionally for (thank you Kapi for all the practice).

Much love to Ann Arbor and everywhere else in the world!


PS if you want a pen pal, I’ve become addicted to writing letters. Let me know. xo