So now I’m in the magical city of Washington, D.C. after a three hour bus ride from Philly today along some beautiful water and in beautiful sunshine! I call Washington D.C. magical because today was just about the most perfect weather I’ve ever seen, hanging in the Mall, watching all the runners and skaters and feeling warm and fabulous. Compared to Boston it’s a nice change.

Anyway, so I only spent two days in Philly but I have a surprising amount to say about it.

1.  If I ever seen another school tour, I may need to punch myself in the face. They. Were. <i>Everywhere</i>.  And they were obnoxious. And loud. And always always always I was in the middle of some group tour by accident.

2.  I heard a lot of Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion. This was very weird.

3.  Philly has a LOT of pretty incredible history, but you can see it in a day.

4.  There are a lot of creeps.

5.  Philly cheesesteaks have a lot of steak in them.

6.  There are also a loooooot of parks.  This was very pleasant as I was finally seeing the sun and sitting out in a park just whiling away hours is a good way to spend your summer.

7.  I just want to talk briefly about the Liberty Museum.  There are lots of museums in the world, and to be honest, I’m getting really sick of them. I feel bad saying that, but museums after a while just feel all the same.  I only really enjoy museums about people; and even then I do a lot better when someone is kind of walking me through the process.  Anyway, this museum I entered on a fluke, and I didn’t want to pay $7 for it, so the woman let me in for $3 (still not really sure why but I wasn’t going to say no).  Anyway, there were a lot of mega-cheese displays, like the ‘path to peace’ and the jellybean people, who show us that we are never going to be identical but our differences are beautiful. Or something, I don’t know. Far more importantly was two of the exhibits; one a wall of people from around the world who fought for peace and justice, and the other about violence amongst American youths.  The first display really amazed me because there were just so many people who you never ever hear of who risked their lives to do the right and human thing during horrible events, and it really made me realise how brave you need to be to do that.  The second, the violence, really upset me.  More children were killed by firearms last year than the entire casualties of the Vietnam War for the USA.  That is absolutely sick, and I was reminded of the classes Jess and I worked with in Detroit, and how so many of them would be able to have written one of the powerful testimonies on the wall about how difficult life is without them realising that is a nightmarish life.

That’s all on Philly.  I’d say more but despite seeing a fragment of the constitution from the 1700s, and where the Constitution was drafted and the Declaration of Independence signed, the above was the most powerful thing I experienced.

Onto DC 🙂