Most of the US airways I’ve been booking with give you a lot of options.  You can pick your meal – a choice between vegetarian, Muslim, kosher, Hindu, low calorie, low cholestoral, low sodium and bland.  For real.

You can also pick your seat.  I feel a little like I’m messing with fate when I pick a seat.  I’m a big fan of aisle seats.  But do I pick an aisle seat with someone already sitting there?  Or do I go for the empty rows?  Do I get accidentally stuck next to a fat, loud-breathing, gas-emitting, obnoxious feral who snores and sleeps on my shoulder?  Do I take the risk and get stuck next to someone awesome (oh Sydney 2008, you were a special flight)?  Do I choose empty seats and get to sleep? Or are the arm rests stuck so I can’t move them and all that space is wasted?

Too.  Many.  Choices.  Thank goodness all the flights are booked.